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Vita Raphael

The breakthrough, underpinning science of Raphael Labs (RL) is based on the discoveries of a world-renowned scientific team. RL’s Chairman, Professor Rakesh Uppal, Director of Barts Life Sciences and Scientific Director, Professor Steve Davies, Waynflete Professor Emeritus of Chemistry at Oxford University, have led RL’s work developing pHOXGEN and pHOXWELL.

RL’s holds a unique asset Vita Raphael (VR). All living cells have a fluid surrounding them called the interstitial fluid. This fluid is composed of minerals, amino acids, proteins necessary to maintain a balanced healthy cellular environment. VR is a solution which mimics this fluid encasing cells and maintains healthy cell function. Comprehensive testing over many years using cell lines, tissues, organs and animal models have shown the solution is safe to use over extended storage in cells or nerves and use for transportation of cells and organs. VR is backed by decades of research showing successful pre-clinical evaluation in vitro, in vivo and ex vivo.