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Raphael Labs holds equity in all four of its subdivisions, pHOXBIO, pHOXMETICS, pHOXHEAL and pHOXWORX. These companies have varied scientific discovery interests. The common denominator across each of these assets is RL’s proprietary formulation, Vita Raphael.


pHOXBIO’s assets in development are pHOXGEN — pharma, and pHOXWELL — wellness. Both are prophylactic nasal sprays targeting a broad range of airborne pathogens including SARS-CoV-2 and H1N1. pHOXWELL has completed a Ph2/3 clinical trial in India and a Ph1 clinical trial of pHOXGEN is under development. Both sprays will form part of the national armoury of frontline health defence against Covid-19 and compliment vaccine and PPE use.

Please visit phoxbio.com for more information.


pHOXHEAL is developing Vita Raphael’s ability to protect cells. When cells are injured, the resulting damage can compromise functional healing processes and promote scarring. Vita Raphael with additional components added, will be trialled as synergistic complexes to create novel dressings in order to accelerate wound healing and minimise scar tissue formation.


pHOXMETICS is developing products that feature a novel solution-based system for superior cosmetics delivery and dermal penetrance. Vita Raphael acts as a primary carrier fluid within cosmetic formulas in order to inhibit inflammation and help tackle the signs of dermal ageing.


pHOXWORX is Raphael Labs research engine room where all of Vita Raphael’s areas of therapeutic application will be developed. We have more than 30 identified areas where we have potential to register IP.


pHOXTECH provides technology to each of the Raphael Labs subsidiaries driving collaboration on product development and cutting-edge innovations. The platform meets the needs of both the science and commercial teams, from initial concept through to commercial delivery.